Our staff

Trudi Davison BSc DC LSSM MMCA Clinic Director

Sport participation has always been a huge part of my life, including cross country running, hockey, netball, cricket, skiing, cycling, I have always felt that being proactive with my diet and fitness was vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is a key part of my approach to patient treatment.

In my early career, I qualified as a Sports Masseur from the London School of Sports Massage. I was fortunate to work in a multi disciplinary capacity with Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Coaches and Fitness Trainers at prestigious events such as the World Indoor Athletics Championship and Crystal Palace Athletics. In addition I have worked with therapists at Fulham Football Club, England Lacrosse Team and various Rugby clubs.

I have received a number of injuries from sport participation and I found the gentle, whole body approach of McTimoney Chiropractic suited me, so much so that I decided to study the technique and in 2001 I graduated from the McTimoney Chiropractic College. I believe that in order to help patients to recovery and rehabilitation, it is important to work alongside other therapists to achieve this goal and help to maintain and advise patients to ensure that they proactively work towards whole body health.

Stephen Blinman BSc [Chiro] BSc [Osteo]

After twenty years as a commercial manager with British Aerospace, Racal and ICL/Fujitsu, I was inspired to start training as a chiropractor after experiencing the McTimoney technique at first hand from a practitioner with a similar background.

At a time when the training programme faced temporary uncertainties, I part-switched to the Osteopathy course at Oxford Brookes University. This twist of events led me to graduate from McTimoney College in 2007 and then from Oxford Brookes in 2011 – meaning that I am both a Chiropractor and an Osteopath.

Sandwiched between the two degrees I also completed a Sport and Remedial Massage diploma. My curiosity as to why we have both Chiropractors and Osteopaths led me to research the background behind the two, concluding that these days there is little discernible difference.

As a registered practitioner with both the GCC and the GOsC, I offer a blended holistic treatment approach which combines whatever range of my manual techniques my patients feel happier and more comfortable with.

Debbie Muir B.Ed Hons  Clinic and Pilates Manager

I was an infant and nursery teacher for 30 years, teaching both in Berkshire and later in Uzbekistan and Latvia in their International schools. After a varied and happy career in education, I was keen to do something different and am loving my job as Clinic and now Pilates Manager. I enjoy travelling the world, spending time with my husband Dave, with family and our two adorable grandchildren, seeing friends, swimming…a lot…, gardening, music and reading. I belong to Wokingham Rock Choir which I love. I also really enjoy Pilates and am a complete convert.

I have been a patient of Trudi’s for many years due to sports injuries and car accidents [not my fault i do add] and she has helped me with both back and shoulder pain so I hope I am very sympathetic to peoples’ needs when in pain. I have learnt a great deal about the human body from Trudi and love managing the clinic. It has also been exciting opening Libra Pilates to aid rehabilitation for our patients and to offer group exercise to maintain and strengthen the body. It has been great getting to know so many of our patients and joining in with the excellent Pilates sessions. I wish I’d joined Pilates years ago-it has really helped me.

Caroline Pring    Libra Pilates Teacher         

Caroline joined our Pilates team in April 2017 and has proved to be a real asset. She is sensitive to the individual needs of each client and they are giving great feedback about her enjoyable and varied classes.

“I started Pilates to help with health issues I was experiencing. I suffered with hip, neck, shoulder and back pain due to various conditions and genetics. Since starting Pilates I have gained enormous relief from my symptoms and seen significant improvements in my strength and flexibility. I am therefore passionate about the benefits that Pilates offers, whether it’s to increase your day to day functional fitness, improve your core strength and tone up or enhance your current sports regime. I teach regular classes, small groups and one to one sessions and have taught many individuals with various health conditions so am very used to catering for all levels of ability and providing alternatives where needed. I teach Pilates classes for Libra Clinic providing classes with a more rehabilitative focus.    The aim is to enable the body to work as a whole kinetic chain, strengthening and lengthening the muscles and realigning imbalances. This also makes it ideal for cross-training with other sports and activities.


Jacqueline Manning-Brown: Acupuncturist            

I became an acupuncturist after having treatment myself and being completely blown away by the unexpected benefits I experienced, not only on a physical level, but also on an emotional one as well and I became fascinated to find out more.

In 2013, I took a leap of faith and decided to change my career and trained to become an Acupuncturist. I studied Five Element Constitutional Acupuncture and Traditional Chi-nese Medicine at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading.

I now feel privileged to be able to use acupuncture for a range of physical and emotional symptoms to help people regain balance and focus; enabling them to stimulate their body’s own response into healing in a profound and natural way.

A local ‘lass’, I love walking, swimming and dancing (good for the soul!) I also practice ‘qigong’ when I get the chance, a gentle form of movement and breathing, practised for thousands of years in China which is designed to benefit health on many different levels. I’m also starting Pilates at Libra, looking forward to gaining many benefits to my core and overall strength.