What our clients say

Trudi is very thorough with the treatment. I am always sorted. Been coming here for at least 10 years when needed.

Ranjan S. 12/10/2018


My husband and I have used Libra Chiropractic clinic for a little over a year now. I’ve had back pain for several years. I could hardly move when I first came to see Trudi. I was very impressed how quickly I noticed a change in the way my back felt. Trudi is very efficient and clearly very experienced. I am so happy with my progress. Love not being in pain anymore. Thank you, Trudi. We would highly recommend you.  [I have also joined Libra Pilates which is very enjoyable and beneficial.]

Jayani Karunaratne and Anuradha Mudalige 17/09/2018 


I’ve known Trudi for many years and due to sports injuries have required her services a number of times. If you need someone with great knowledge of the human body, how to look after it and how to fix it, look no further. Trudi’s passion for getting you well and functioning really is second to none and i trust her knowledge and advice totally.

Russell Lovelock  23/02/2018

I have been coming to see Trudi for four years and have always been happy with the service and results. I’m a carpet fitter and she enables me to continue working into my early 60’s.

Mike Piper  11/04/2018

I’ve been seeing Trudi for a few years now and have always found her to be very professional, extremely knowledgeable and friendly. The treatment method she uses is very effective and Keeps me moving and pain free.

Nancy Jensen 11/04/2018

I’ve been coming to Libra Clinic for over 5 years. Trudi is amazing and I always leave feeling “straightened out”. I recently had a baby and had treatment during my pregnancy and after the birth, each time feeling relaxed and comfortable post treatment. I would recommend Libra to anyone experiencing back and/or posture complaints.

Lisa Nash 26/03/2018

I have been treated by Trudi for several years. I suffer from neck problems and she gives me great relief. I don’t know what I would do without her. Thank you, Trudi.

Trina Redshaw 23/02/2018

My wife and I have used Libra Chiropractic Clinic for the past 15 years and have recommended Trudi Davison to many of our friends. Trudi is very cheerful and a wonderful clinician, her diagnosis is always “spot on”and her McTimoney treatment is always gentle but very effective. Now that we are about 80 years old, we have regular treatments to sort out the aches and pains. We will continue recommending Trudi and her professional clinic for its’ innovation and development.

Ivan Marks 23/02/2018

Excellent value and honesty

Joan Marks 23/02/2018

I have been using Libra Chiropractic Clinic for several years now. I have always found Trudi has a unique ability to diagnose the problem and to know what to do to fix it. I can highly recommend Trudi and the clinic to anyone thinking about using it. The chiropractic method used is “non-aggressive” and not painful. The results are brilliant.
Mike Frazer – 08/07/2016

I have suffered from lower back pain for 18 years. I have seen many a doctor, physio, nurse, natural healer, massage therapist and many more forms of help from medication, creams etc. I have tried them all. I can honestly say that in my humble opinion since I have been seeing Trudi for regular treatments and maintenance, I am lower back pain-free. The amazing techniques that she has used have released all the stress and strain in my body and enhances the blood circulation, leaving me feeling great!! I have even started walking my dog again. I would love to thank you so much for all you have done for me, you have enabled me to be able to do things again for myself.
C Manley – 06/2016

Being an active person I am no stranger to sports injuries. I have learnt to my cost that leaving an injury and hoping it will go away on its own is often not the best course and the longer one leaves the injury the longer it will take to treat and recover. I was recommended to see Trudi at Libra Chiropractic clinic by a friend at my sports club who had been seeing her for some time to help him maintain and strengthen his body after serious work related injury and also so that he could continue his sport. Trudi initially took me through a thorough diagnostic session to understand what the problem was and where. her examination showed that I had a skeletal misalignment and that my musculature was imbalanced. Trudi started a course of treatment to correct the misalignment and gave me stretches and exercises to help maintain better alignment and train the muscles to support the body correctly. We discovered after a few treatments that my back was becoming unaligned and discovered that it was my bed not giving me the correct support. A change of mattress has helped the condition improve. None of my previous practitioners had been able to get me so far on the road to full recovery

David S – 30/02/2016

I have been a patient of Trudi’s for over 15 years. She has cared for my ongoing mid-back problem and then after a car accident in 2011 which left me in agony with severe whiplash and pain in my shoulders and right leg. She has also taught me exercises and self maintenance which have been hugely beneficial. Thank you Trudi, I could not manage without you!

Debbie M – 02/2016

Trudi has ‘fixed’ me and my son for many years. Everything is explained in understandable terms and I have complete trust in the treatment. A truly fantastic chiropractic service. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Jan H  – 09/2015

I concur with others on here I have been a regular patient at the clinic for many  years. I highly recommend the services offered especially those of Trudi who has been a God send over the years.  Thank you.

Alex M. 05/ 2016

I have suffered from migraines and back pain for 18 years since having a car accident. I have seen many a chiropractor, physio, massage therapist, natural healer and many more. I have tried them all. I can honestly say, since I have been seeing Trudi for regular treatment and maintenance, I am migraine and pain free. The technique used releases all the stress and strain in your body and enhances the blood circulation, leaving you feeling incredible. A fantastic and professional service that I would highly recommend.


Neal C – 2015

Mc Timoney Chiropractic is a whole body treatment which checks alignment and  for tightness and imbalances of soft tissues. Gentle techniques are used. I have found  McTimoney treatment very beneficial over the years and have been helped at times where both physiotherapy and osteopathy have failed. In addition, Trudi gives me exercises and stretches and encourages me to do Pilates to help keep my body in good shape and prevent recurrences. I have referred some of my own patients and friends to her when I have felt they would benefit from the McTimoney approach.  I have been seeing Trudi when needed for many years. She is gentle, very experienced, professional and has a lovely, friendly nature.

Carol P –  Chartered Physiotherapist  05/17

I have been seeing Trudi for over 10 years when needed. She is wonderful, with “healing hands”. She never presses me to make another appointment, only advises when asked. The treatment is gentle, non-invasive but wholly effective. You can feel the benefits immediately. She treats the whole person, not just the main culprit! Thank you Trudi.

Carol H – 03/17